Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yeh Yeh, Bring On the Haters

I know, I know.  I am a TERRIBLE blogger.  My posts are few and far between.  I want to write more, but damn do my time management skills suck.  As I have said many times before, I'll keep trying til it sticks.  If I have no followers at this point, I have no followers.  I'm doing this to get me writing more anyway. Hopefully one day you'll come back to me :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Old vs. New

Recently, Monkey came upon the Hub Channel, which was playing an episode of Strawberry Shortcake.  Shortly thereafter, Care Bears came on.  As a product of the 80's, I found myself a bit annoyed with the new versions of both shows.  Although both shows are very cute, and definitely cater to "today's kids", it gave me a bit of nostalgia.  Missing my cartoons from back in the day.

Here is a bit of cartoon comparison -- 80s vs. Today:

Images all courtesy of Google Search

Strawberry Shortcake:

Care Bears:

Pound Puppies:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Randomness of the Day

1) I love gummy bears...especially Haribo.  and not just gummy bears -- gummy worms, gummy cola bottles, gummy letters, gummy clown fish, gummy Smurfs (yes I said Smurfs) the list goes on. I do not, however, like Haribo Tutti Fruttis. They taste weird.

2) I am currently reading book 1 of Game of Thrones (I have not seen even one episode of the show).  I have been reading for a month now.  I am at about 11% on my Kindle.  I'll talk to you guys again about this in 5 years when I complete the first 4 books.

3) I think I have attempted half of my New Year's Resolutions.  I think I have lasted through none of them.  How long until 2014 again?

4) I can't get Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" out of my head.  It hurts.  How do I make it stop?

5) Horizontal stripes are not my friend (along with Time).  But I can't stop wanting clothes with horizontal stripes. I obviously have issues.

Yeh...Time is not my friend

So, as you, my all of 2 followers have probably guessed, I haven't been very good at keeping up with my New Year's Resolution to write more blog posts.  Time is not my friend.  And it gets away from me a lot.  So, here we go again, my attempt at getting in AT LEAST one blog post a month (I'm starting small in hopes that I will actually write more than that...but at least I have a somewhat easy goal).  I'm working on a few things for my next post, so stay tuned (one more chance, pretty, pretty please?!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 (Last Half)

So, the first half of 2012 wasn't good. (See We Miss you Bimblebee...)

The summer, and then fall, was spent in this weird fog (let's be honest, the fog hasn't really lifted yet, and don't know if it ever completely will).  We were trying to adjust our lives, figure out where to go from there. I still think we're tumbling and's so weird and surreal, but a learning process all the same, right? for all of us.

Monkey started preschool in September. OMG! My baby is such a big boy! *Knock on Wood* he loves school, and we lucked out with his classmates.  They are all so sweet, and their parents are just the same. phew...

Fall was BUSY, as this time of year tends to get.  This year was really tough, the fog growing around the holidays.  The Holidays was her favorite time of year. We pushed through September, then through October...then Sandy hit.  We weren't sure what to make of this storm initially.  The year before, Irene hardly made a dent on us.  We prepared nonetheless...and thank God we did.  Devastation all over the tri-state area.  Friends homeless for various reasons, offices and schools shut, some indefinitely.  2012 was really campaigning for worst year ever.  Our home was okay, electricity maintained, but Hubs' office was not so lucky.  It took some time to get everything cleaned up and reorganized. But it got done.

A couple weddings also fell in the midst of the second half of the year, beginning in August, (Welcome to the SAE Wives' Club, MS!), and then quite a few travels tacked on.  Florida, Vegas, LA, Maryland, London, and finally, Malaysia.

London came at a much needed time for us (Thanksgiving) and was really nice for Monkey to see all his cousins and Aunties and Uncles on Hubs' side of the fam.  It was also great for Hubs to spend time with his cousins.  He really needed it after the last year.   His family there is always so hospitable, and weenjoyed laughing and spending quality time.  We ate yummy Wagamamas (mmmm, Chili Chicken Mein & Raw Juice), Royal China (shredded Peking duck, dim sum, lots of wine), and Traditional English Fry-Ups every morning (Hubs & Monkey were so cute at the breakfast buffet each morning).  Missed Ping Pong, but tried a new Vietnamese place with my cousin and her husband (Salted caramel ice cream?! Yes, please!)  You know I can't talk about traveling without talking about food--whose blog do you think you're reading?!

Back to NY, and the December rush began.  Monkey's 3rd birthday (WHA?!), the different early family Christmases, and then our trip to Malaysia.

Monkey's 3rd birthday theme was Octonauts, of course...because Monkey is OBSSESSED.  It was another gym-based party...and Monkey had an amazing time with his friends and family.
Octonauts Cake Pops from my go-to, Lerida @ NY Cake Pops

Going to Malaysia was going to be our first trip in a long time that included nothing but relaxing, laughing, eating, and sleeping.  It was DEFINITELY much needed, and the most calm way to end this bizarre year.  Hubs, Monkey, Li'l Sis and I got on our Korean Air A380 flight headed to KL, excited to spend time with my Malaysian family, and my grandfather.  The trip did not disappoint, the first night being my cousin, Gui's Pub Golf birthday.  It was an ooltie of a time, apparently (I stayed in with Monkey).  We laughed so much, my face and stomach hurt.  Many nicknames came abound for the entire crew, and we ate so much, I really looked into purchasing some "comfier" pants.  Rot canai, fried rice, steamed buns, & exotic fruits for breakfast, Fierce Biryani (yummmmmmmy, cod fish biryani) -- the owner is this hilarious, dimple cheeked, fierce bear of a guy and we love him to bits, Nutella & Kaya rotis, Salted Gula Melaka ice cream (please, Taklu, step away from the freezer), Coffee Bean lattes (some Stateside comfort), and McD's fried apple pies (how could I resist?)
Chili Crab...yes, bibs were worn

Monkey enjoyed a new Thomas train everyday from Didi, and exciting jungle gyms and squirt gun fights with his Guy & Reinu Mamus.  Everyday, Hubs, Li'l Sis, & I would fight over the most amazing massage chair on the planet.  We even had our very own live-in Santa Claus in our Uncle.  One of the best parts of my trip was watching the interaction between Monkey and his Bada Nana. Separated by 2 generations in between, just a hug between the two would make me smile from ear to ear.
In between, Mom & Dad came down to visit from India, and we drove down to this awesome resort island, Pangkor Laut. For 3 days, we would wake up, eat breakfast, hang out by the pool, eat lunch, nap or get a massage, eat dinner, go to sleep. It was AMAZING!  While there, Hubs & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary.  We were going to do a romantic dinner just the 2 of us, but Monkey had decided he was not going to leave our sides the entire trip, so my parents & Li'l Sis decided to surprise us by bringing the romantic restaurant dinner to us.  Champagne & yummy grilled cod and seafood salads were had as Monkey watched the fish swim beneath us (while also noshing on his own ice cream creation).

A view from our seats on Emerald Cove Beach

New Year's Eve was spent at a "House" Party in our hotel rooms, all our cousins in tow.  Monkey jumping around like a, well, like a Monkey as we ate, laughed, and watched the Fireworks display outsideof our window.  Two days later we were back on the Korean Air A380...on our way back to NYC and to begin the New Year.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I know, I know...I promised I'd post more last summer...then suddenly *poof* I disappeared again.
Well I'm back, and #1 on my list of New Year's Resolutions is to Blog, read through at your own discretion to find out what I plan on changing and how :)

1. Blog more -- I love writing, and it has always helped me organize my thoughts and emotions. But "journal writing" has stopped helping me with that. I think the blog format makes it more interesting for me. I definitely need some sort of release.

2. Make a better effort with people -- have I mentioned before that I'm not much of a people person? Since I was born I've always just sort of been my own buddy. Entertaining myself. Being socially awkward and/or shy. Not caring much for ass-kissing, BS, or anything of the sort. I also think I wear my emotions on my in the end all this just makes people think I'm a, oh what's that not so nice word for a not so nice female?? Yeh, that. I'm not. I promise. People who know me well will attest to that. But since a very young age, my shyness and lack of BS tolerance makes me look like...that word. So, I just sort of gave into it. Whatever. I don't care what people think. But I do. And although hubby is not much of a talker, everyone likes him because he is a good person, fun, and honest. I think i lack in the fun department. So i definitely need to step up. thus, I will try BETTER, not necessarily harder --as I shouldn't HAVE to be desperate. I just have to do better.

3. Be nicer to my hubby -- He works really hard, and I don't think I give him enough credit for all that he does for his family.

4. Create a realistic budget. Stick with it. -- this just speaks for itself. I'm a complete shopaholic. Not crazy expensive items. Just everyday everythings. If I want the big things eventually - our own home, topmost college education for my baby...I must stop shopping mindlessly. When I do shop, I must shop smarter. Also, pay off current debts.

5. Declutter my home, my work, my life. -- I'm a pretty organized person, at least I think so. But I'm a total hoarder. I need to declutter, I'm Monica from Friends. I don't have just ONE messy closet though...I have multiples + messy drawers, cupboards, etc. I also want organize ALL the photos I have (and those packed up somewhere in the warehouse), hard copy and online, so we never have to worry about losing them. Like I said--I'm Monica from Friends.

6. Take better photographs. -- a past hobby of mine that I miss.

7. Be more focused at work. -- too much to explain on this one. So let's keep it simple.

8. Drink more water -- at least 2 liters a day. It's just better for my skin, my hair, and my belly. Just ordered my first faucet water purifier (PUR) (as opposed to the 7 year old BRITA fridge pitcher water purifier we currently have.)

9. Cook at least 2-3 days a week-- for me, my family, and even finally for my friends. Obviously, we all know that cooking is healthier, cheaper, and apparently more therapeutic (I'm still waiting to see that last one happen for me). It's a way to better control what goes into mine and my family's bodies...and, well, i like control :). Why cooking for my friends? i'd just like to have my friends over more for dinners (something i prefer over the drinking binges at oh so many bars out and about in the city), and let them see the progress i have made since the hockey puck apple muffins and stomachache cold noodles of yesteryear. This combined with #2 -- be a better hostess.

10. Workout at least 4-5 days a week -- again, no brainer. I was able to do this for 3 months over the summer. And boy did it make adifference in all aspects of my life. Then a few trips (ie excuses) knocked out my momentum...and it was all downhill from there. All my progress wiped out clean. Also -- stretch, stretch, stretch. My body feels a hundred years old.

11. Eat less simple carbs, more fiber, protein, and good for my body foods, my allow indulgences so i don't go crazy -- this ties in with #10. I was doing the no carbs at night thing, more protein at breakfast, more veggies all day, triple thinking sweet treats, and tracking what i'm eating to make myself aware of what's going into my body.

12. Pamper myself a bit -- i need to finally use all those massage gift certificates people have given me over the years. (They have not expired, i checked). I need to get manis/pedis more often. I need to actually pay attention to my hair, and not let it be a frizzy, bumpy mess on a daily basis.

13. Meditate more -- breathe, do yoga, take a few minutes of quiet time a day, and, in conjunction with meditating, learn patience -- jetlag & potty training have really taken their toll on me today.

So 13 resolutions for 2013. Wish me luck! And maybe prescribe me a xanax.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Question of the Day

Better 'N Peanut Butter (Low Sodium)
I LOVE peanut butter.  Hubs doesn't care for it, unless it's in a "peanut sauce" that goes with Chicken satays, cold sesame noodles, and so on.  Monkey has tried it a few times.  He likes it when I give it to him, but doesn't LOVE it yet because I don't have the opportunity to give it to him very often as his daycare and classes are all "nut free" (his future preschool is "nut free" as well).  I understand WHY they are nut free, and if my child were allergic to nuts, I'd be so happy to know that there was no threat of any allergic reaction when I was not with him.  However, I think natural low-sugar peanut and almond butter are really good sources of protein and equally how do I find opportunities to give it to Monkey (without his father making a face every time I suggest it)?

[Update 7/31/13] Monkey LOVES PB & J sandwiches.  at least a thrice a week staple in his lunch.  Hubby, still a no go with PB.

Last Night's Dinner

So I'm going to start posting some of meals I cook during the week for Hubs and myself.  I find the recipes anywhere and everywhere, and try to make sure they are healthy and delicious.  Sometimes it's a hit.  Sometimes it's a miss.  I will also try and post pictures of the meal, but many times I forget to take the pictures until after Hubs and I inhale them (we eat really fast).
Last night's meal was a recipe for Crunchy Coconut Chicken with Mango Salsa which I got off the Blog, The FitCook.  I forgot to take pictures, of course, so the below picture is of the leftover mango salsa that I actually made FROM SCRATCH!!

Notes: I used sweetened shredded coconut as that was all they had at the grocery store.  So I used less off it because sweetened coconut tends to have a high sugar content.  This, however, meant that there was less coverage on the chicken.  Thus less crunchy.  Next time I would prefer to use the full amount of unsweetened coconut and add 2tsp of Pure Vanilla Extract as recommended by one of the commentors on Fit Cook's site. Also, this recipe is for 4 servings, so I made half the recipe of the actual chicken portion, but the full recipe for the salsa.

Verdict: Hubby really liked it (he loves anything that's sweet, so the sweetened coconut and mango did help with that).  I did like it as well, but I think i put too much Balsamic Vinegar (2TBS).  So the smell was bothering me while i ate.  I had so much leftover salsa left, obviously, that I decided to freeze it to use it at a later date.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Randomness of the Day

Who missed my Random Thoughts?

1) My fingers and nose are SO cold right now.  I don't understand why the building has to be at BELOW FREEZING all day, just because it's hot outside.

2) My new obsession is the Guaranimal Booster Shot from Organic Avenue.  SO delicious.  It MUST be like a billion calories for me to love it so much.

3) Guess what...I need another haircut.  My hair hasn't grown very much from my last haircut.  But I feel like a change.

4) I definitely need to get back into my baking.  But I think I need to rewrite my Baking Bucket List.

5) I've been reading and seeing movies again! Check back for book lists and movie lists :)

We miss you, Bimblebee...

So it's now 2012.  We entered the Land of the "Terrible Twos" and even more big changes within our family were coming up.

Although I never mentioned it before, my mother-in-law, Bimblebee, had been battling Breast Cancer since 2002, and although she went into remission around 2003, it came back in 2007.  By the end of 2011 it had spread a bit, so in 2012 we made a family decision that she and my father-in-law, Papa, move to NYC so that she could go back to Sloane Memorial Hospital (one of the best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in the country).  It was the same hospital that helped her into remission in 2003, so we hoped for the same in 2012.  Since they decided to move to NYC, Bobblehead, Mama, and their two munchkins decided to move into my in-laws' house, where Hubs, Bobblehead, and Tiny Dancer grew up.  Although Bimblebee's condition seemed stable, every week a new obstacle on her path to recovery pushed her back a few steps.  Bimblebee (or Mom) lost her battle on May 17th, 2012, just 3 days shy of her 58th birthday, and exactly 5 days after her eldest sister passed away of a different form of Cancer.  May was not a good month.  On what would have been Mom's 58th birthday, we had an Indian Mourning Prayer at a local Hindu Center, and released balloons.  Not a day has gone by that we don't think about her and miss her. We know she's dancing and laughing with her sister, and watching over us.